2013 and 2014 have been very productive years for TMP with nearly 100 New Issues, and it is anticipated that 2015 will continue in a similar strong manner!  Many new and exciting young composers are now represented by TMP as well as established icons with compositions for double reeds.  Also, with the acquisitions of VIENTO (Gordon Solie, founder) and BOCAL Music (Alan Hawkins, founder) we have added over 500 additional titles to the TMP catalog, which now totals just under 2,000 titles.  You can discover all of these on our website.  Viento editions retain the EV catalog number, which is now preceded by “11” (old 354 is now 11354), and likewise Bocal editions retain the BMC catalog number, which is now preceded by “15” (old BMC 021 is now 15021).  TrevCo was the first online search engine  to offer searches by specific instrumentation; of course you can also search by Composer, by a Global keyword, of by several pre-selected categories such as “Christmas Music.”  ENJOY!!