Bassoon Concerto in Bb (ed. K Ronnes)-BSN/PN

Catalog number:2358


Johann Kuchler (1738-1790).  Recently discovered, re-engraved, and edited by Kristian Ronnes, this charming Concerto in 3 movements is accessible to talented young players, amateurs, and professionals. Available with full orchestra (see below) or piano reduction. Full of melody and wit, one could (but won’t) compare it to the Mozart Concerto; nothing can truly compare to the Mozart!  However, you will be greatly rewarded with this fine addition to the repertoire.  Bassoon and Piano reduction available summer 2018.  The  orchestra set includes: Full Score, Solo Bassoon, Harmonie: 2 Oboes and 2 Horns in F, and strings: 3-3-2-3.