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TMP will be closed from February 26 – March 2, and March 17 – 22, (inclusive)

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For excellent service, we recommend TrevCo-Varner Music. They maintain a complete inventory of ALL TMP Editions for immediate delivery. Orders from our European colleagues may be directed to Accolade Musikverlag (Germany) or June Emerson (England). Any orders from music stores, dealers, and distributors should be sent directly to TrevCo Music Publishing using any standard purchase order format. TMP remains committed to the finest editions as well as service and welcomes any inquiries. We can be reached by email or phone.

We support the International Double Reed Society (IDRS) and invite you to become a member. The annual conferences of the IDRS showcase the talents of your double reed colleagues in concert and also provide the opportunity to visit the exhibits of over 70 of the finest vendors of double reed products.

In 2012 TrevCo Music became TrevCo-Varner Music. It moved its base of operations to Michigan and a new era of service began under the capable direction of Eric Varner. In 2014 it relocated to Boca Raton, Florida. Feel free to visit the TrevCo-Varner website where you will find over 10,000 titles from publishers worldwide.